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Item Recyclable? Other Instructions/Tips Motivation
Aerosol/Spraypaint Cans NO Avoid recycling these, as small amounts of aerosols can remain within the can -
Air Filter NO Generally, these are more of a hassle to recycle than it is worth -
Aluminum Foil YES - -
Animal Bedding (Woodchips and Wood Shavings YES - -
Batteries YES Tape the terminal ends of batteries 9V or larger before recycling; Car batteries require specialized deposit locations Trashing batteries or depositing them into a landfill can lead to leaching of harmful chemicals into soils or local water tables
Boxboard/Chipboard (Cereal, Shoe, Gift Boxes) YES - Boxes can be repurposed
Boxes with Wax Coating NO If you can scratch off the coating of a box with a fingernail, it is unacceptable for recycling -
Brightly Colored Paper NO Avoid recycling neon colored papers; dyes and pigments can be released causing discolored products -
Brown Paper Bags YES - -
CDs or DVDs NO - -
Ceramic/Ovenware/Dishware NO - -
Chip Bags NO Avoid recycling chip bags unless recyclability is explicitly stated on the bag -
Compact Fluorescent/LED Light Bulbs YES - Recycling CFLs and LED lights prevents the release of mercury into the hydrosphere and biosphere
Cosmetics NO Proper disposal of cosmetics can be achieved by special drop-off programs at local grocery or department stores -
Crystal NO - -
Fallen Tree Branches NO Keep all yard litter and leaves out of recycling repositories - Compost these instead -
Flower Pots NO - -
Fruit Peels/Rinds NO Compost these! Putting food or liquid into recycling bins attracts rats, flies, and other unwanted guests Do NOT ever place food, liquid, or items with food residue into a recycling bin!
Glass (Clear, Blue, Brown, Green) YES* About 61% of glass containers produced in the U.S. are clear, 31% are brown, and 7% green; *Green glass can only be recycled into more green glass, and other brightly colored glasses cannot be repurposed -
Hangers (Wire, Plastic, Wood) NO* *Check with your local recycling facility to see if they take wire hangers; Plastic hangers are very difficult to recycle efficiently and wood hangers cannot be recycled Hangers are better to only reduce and reuse... not recycle!
Hardback Books NO Hardbound books usually have adhesive or a binding agent in the spine that makes recycling difficult Donate unused books to others who can read them
Incandescent "Old Style" Lightbulbs NO Incandescent light bulbs contain metal parts and are not recyclable; Dispose of these in your garbage Consider switching to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs), as they can save you an estimated $90-100 over the 10,000-hour lifespan of the CFL bulb
Ink Pens NO - -
Juice Boxes/Milk Cartons NO* *If the juice box or milk carton contains a shiny, waxy coating, then do not recycle these items -
Liquid Soap Bottles YES - -
Magazines YES - -
Margarine Tubs YES - -
Mattresses YES - About 90% of a single mattress can be successfully recycled! The steel coils inside the mattress can even make you some pocket change at your local recycling center
Medicine Bottles NO Proper disposal of medication and their containers is imperative to preventing health risks for animals in the environment and humans in the waste disposal industry -
Metal Caps from Glass Jars (Mason Jar lids) YES* *Metal caps must be placed in recycling bins separate from their jars -
Metal Food Cans YES - -
Mirror Glass NO Once glass has been turned into a mirror, it cannot be recycled; Dispose of broken glass safely into your garbage bin -
Newspaper YES - -
Paper YES - -
Paper Egg Cartons NO Paper Egg Cartons have usually been recycled several times before, and the fibers within the carton are rendered weak, making them bad contenders for recycling -
Pizza Boxes with Food Residue NO If you refuse to take the time to clean the pizza box, then do not recycle it; If grease stains are present in the box, dispose of it in the garbage bin Do NOT ever place food or liquid into a recycling bin!
Plastic Bottle Caps YES* *Check with your local recycling agency - earlier in the 21st century, bottle caps needed to be separated from their bottles, but some places do not require this anymore -
Plastic Grocery Bags NO - -
Plastic Toys NO - Donate or repurpose these items!
Pots/Pans/Kitchen Utensils YES - Donate or repurpose these items!
Pyrex/Heat Resistant Glass NO - If these glasses and dishes are made to withstand up to 500 degree Fahrenheit heat in the oven, imagine trying to recycle them!
Shredded Paper NO! ! - Shredded paper is one of the products most commonly disposed of improperly; Shredding paper destroys the fibers that make recycling paper worthwhile - If you shred paper, then throw it away -
Styrofoam NO - -
Thin Paper Cups NO - -
Tire shrapnel NO Tires prove to be one of the most difficult materials to recycle -
Used Napkins NO - Do NOT ever place food, liquid, or items with food residue into a recycling bin!
Used Paper Plates NO - Do NOT ever place food or liquid, or items with food residue into a recycling bin!
Used Tissues/Kleenex NO - Do NOT ever place materials with bodily fluids into a recycling bin!
Wax Paper NO - -
Wrapping Paper NO The waxy coating on wrapping paper makes recycling this material difficult to recycle and cost prohibitive Use it next Christmas!
Yard Clippings NO Keep all yard litter / leaves out of recycling repositories; Compost these instead -