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Sometimes you are looking on a map and encounter a city, county, or landform name that you just can't figure out. I have done some digging and created this pronunciation guide for uniquely-named cities, counties, landforms, bodies of water, etc. with its name and its phonetically sounded-out pronunciation.


Some important notes:

  • The block of letters in ALL CAPS represents the syllable on which to place emphasis.
    • Example: "emphasis" → EM-fa-sis ✔       em-FA-sis ✘
  • Some pronunciations require additional information in parentheses to the right of the name as to whether to pronounce the hard or soft sound of a letter.
    • Example: (A as in "Apple") describes the short "A" sound versus the long "A" sound described in (A as in "Awesome").

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NC Pronunciation guide