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North Carolina Folklore and Oddities

This page is under development, but for now, some topics to be discussed are as follows:


  • Midland gold mine and Cabarrus County Gold Rush
  • WPTF Radio Station near Raleigh
  • Soul City in Warren County
  • The Cloud Chamber near Raleigh
  • Blue Ghost Fireflies
  • Henry River Mill Village
  • Judaculla Rock
  • Devil's Tramping Ground
  • Land of Oz
  • Castle Mont Rouge
  • The Road to Nowhere
  • Bunker Hill Covered Bridge
  • Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden
  • Paint Rock
  • House of Mugs
  • Fugitive Train Wreck
  • Shangri-La Stone Village
  • Museum of the Alphabet
  • Craggy Gardens Rhododendron Tunnels
  • Old Carbonton Dam
  • Frying Pan Tower
  • Portsmouth Village
  • Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson
  • Bob's Sinkhole
  • Badin Lake Graveyard Island
  • The Can Opener
  • Goldsboro Nuclear Mishap near Faro
  • The Lost Town of Proctor
  • Kindred Spirit Mailbox
  • Brown Mountain Lights
  • Underground Raleigh
  • Raleigh racetrack
  • Flooding of villages for Jordan Lake