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Weather is a multi-faceted concept that involves understanding physical and dynamical relationships of air and water, effectively communicating what form the weather will take as a result of a certain configuration of atmospheric parameters, experiencing and documenting the weather itself, and researching before the process repeats endlessly. Many devote their time and resources to isolating one of these subdisciplines listed to the right, while inadvertently letting the other three "corners" suffer.


Andrew's Weather Center considers a holistic approach to meteorology by integrating each of these four corners into an online resource to bridge the gap between the science and the people.


These four corners are connected -  we cannot improve forecasting if we cannot research what we experienced and effectively communicate our 





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Among a vast sea of information (and misinformation) I feel obligated to be an outstanding proponet of restoring the science and basic reasoning to meteorology in the stead of the "modelology" to which we seem to practice now. Andrew's Weather Center simply seeks to be a cog in the machine of the modern world of meteorological forecasting, research, communication, and experience.

findings. We cannot convey safe habits during significant weater without having experienced similar weather before, researched how to best deliver weather information, and without having a scientifically valuable and accurate forecast.

We cannot experience and document all forms of weather without researching where certain meteorological situations are favored, properly forecasting the event, and communicating what, when, where, and why. We cannot research what we do not experience, and we cannot experience meaningful communication in the absence of weather prediction.


Below is a map of all 100 of North Carolina's counties with user-submitted photos integrated into the county boundaries. This serves as a testament to the diversity of North Carolina's weather and natural beauty while also representing our community on this website and in this great state.

North Carolina Community Map: